System Admin

A lot of the functions carried out by the system administrator are held within the System Administration menu.

The options are arranged in groups, which you can expand by clicking on the group title.

The following groups are available:

System to define system settings
Security to define security settings for partitions, groups and license corrals
Security Roles to define security roles, and assign permissions to them

IPK Management

to define settings for call and incident management
Workflow Management to define settings relating to request, task and approval processes
Service Level Management to define SLM and agreement settings
CMDB to define CMDB settings and configure the CMDB for your organization
Availability to define availability settings, outage types and schedules
Depreciation to define batch run parameters and depreciation methods and schedules
Knowledge Bank to define knowledge bank settings, including base types, entry types, profiles, ratings and statuses
Bulletin Board to define bulletin board settings and priorities
Text Retrieval to define text retrieval settings, common words, keywords, synonyms and web file extensions
Self Service Portal to define Self Service portal settings, roles and systems, service order status titles and question mappings

To access the menu, select and then Admin.

Select System Administration. The System Administration window is displayed, with a menu of options available .

Other System Administrator Functions

As well as the options on the System Administration menu, system administrators will typically be responsible for:

ASM Designer

to create and configure screens and screen sets


to ensure that vFire works in harmony with a range of other systems

Call Template Administration to create and maintain call templates
Bulletin Board to configure settings for the bulletin board
Knowledge Bank Administration to configure settings for the knowledge bank
Using Timesheets to view all task and call actions you have performed on a daily basis
Delegation Setup to assign other people to action items in your place when you are out of the office, for example
Generating an ASM statistics report to help Alemba® improve ASM and troubleshoot any problems that may arise with your system