Gantt Chart Explorer Option

The Gantt Chart Explorer option enables you to view the current request as a Gantt chart.


Gantt charts in ASM Core workflow management provide the ability to display a comparison of the planned and actual times taken to complete not only the current request, but the associated tasks within. The Request Gantt Chart window displays an overview of the request, showing its various stages and the tasks associated with that phase. For the current request, the Gantt chart displays the estimated duration of each task and phase across a calendar in grey. Below these planned completion times, the actual duration of each task and phase appears concurrently along the calendar in blue.


  1. Select the Take Action button on the Request Details window if necessary to allow you to work on the request.
  2. In the Explorer pane, expand Data, then select Gantt Chart to display the Request Gantt Chart window.
  3. You can also display request information as a Gantt Chart from the Requests Outstanding and Request Search windows.

  4. When you first view the Gantt chart for a request, it displays the budget (estimated) and actual one below the other and the budget and actual values are the same. The budget values are displayed in gray while the actual ones are displayed in blue. As tasks in the request start, their current progress appears in their relevant phase, that is, tasks are displayed by request phases. Select Show Phase Only to only view the estimated and actual time durations for each phase of the request (that is, not the individual tasks. This will display the estimated and actual time durations based on the start date of the first task to the end date of the last task in each phase.