The ASM Core licensing model has three elements:

  1. ASM. The license provides access to the system, including:
    • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
    • Service Desk
    • Knowledge Management
    • Workflow
    • Asset Management
    • Self Service Portal
    • Integration Platform
    • Users can log in via ASM Core, Nano or Self Service Portal. You cannot be logged in to ASM Core and Nano at the same time, as they both occupy licenses. (See ASM Person Licenses for more details.) However, logging in to Self Service Portal does not consume a license.

  2. Connectors. These optional modules provide connectivity with third party technologies. 
  3. Analyst Licenses. These licenses are required by anyone logging in to the application as an Analyst. Those who only log in to the Self Service Portal as a User, or use the app or the Alemba API as a User, do not require licenses.

Licensing Self Service Portal

A license is required for each instance of the production server. Once you are licensed for ASM, an unlimited number of Users can use the Self Service Portal and the ASM app.

Each External Contact with a Login ID will also require a named license because they can log into the Self Service Portal to update and complete tasks or calls.

Licensing ASM Connectors

ASM Core connectors provide the ability to connect specific third party technologies through the Integration Platform for:

  • Discovery and population of the federated CMDB
  • Incident and Problem creation
  • Provisioning
  • Service Desk to Service Desk transfers

Each third party connector supports a subset of these use cases. For example, the Microsoft SCCM connector provides the ability to connect to Microsoft SCCM for discovery and population of the Federated CMDB.

Each third party connector is independently licensed. See ASM Connector Matrix for a list of supported connectors. Contact your Alemba® Account Manager for more information on licensing for other connectors.

All customers who have previously purchased the ASM Core connectors (single or multi-source) are entitled to the corresponding connectors in ASM Core.