Configuring Inbound and Outbound Actions

The Integration Platform allows you to configure ASM Core to perform actions to exchange information between your ASM System, and a third party application or source for, say, communicating with a supplier’s service desk management system to assist in the resolution of an incident, or the completion of a workflow. The communication between ASM Core and the source about an action is enabled through messages.

The integration of inbound and outbound actions shares similarities with Event Management but is not limited to the handling of event alerts. Furthermore, actions can be initiated both by ASM Core and the external application.

Inbound and Outbound Actions Configuration Process

The process for configuring the ASM Core for Inbound and Outbound Actions includes the following main steps:

  1. Install the connectors
  2. Enable Inbound and Outbound Actions.
  3. Define sources.
  4. Configure the Outbound Actions. These are the actions you would like ASM Core to create in the external system.
  5. Configure the Inbound Actions. These are the actions you would like the external system to create in ASM Core.