Standard Buttons

The following buttons are used in different windows throughout ASM Core.



View or hide the Explorer
Save the changes you have made.

On some windows, you will save  information using a Save button

Add an item or value
Delete an item or value
Move the selected item up in a list. You may also see Move up.
Move the selected item down in a list. You may also seeMove Down.
Display the selected item in its own window
Choose the background and foreground colors of rows in a browse table based on the values of specific columns
Select the columns to display on a window. You can choose to view or hide a column and also change the order in which columns are displayed.
Load the current window again to display the most current details.
Copy the details of all the fields for an item on the Details window (such as the Call Details, Request Details, and CMDB item Details. You can then paste these into a new item if necessary).
Paste copied item details.

If you used the Copy button to copy the field values on a Details window, and then Paste into a new Details window for that item, they will be pasted into the same fields.

Print the contents of the current window. The print report generates. You must select Print again to print the report.

When printing from Search and Outstanding windows, the number of records that can be selected for printing will be limited by the size of the record in the selected group.