Configuring Search Criteria

  1. Select the button at the top of the explorer pane.
  2. The Select Search Criteria window appears, from which you can tailor your search.
  3. Select the screen set you want to filter by in Filter by screen set.
  4. Your specified criteria can be added to custom sections in the search panel. To create a new section select Create Section.
  5. In the New Section window, type the title for the section and select OK.
  6. To add search criteria, select an item in the Available Criteria pane and then select Add. It appears in the Selected Criteria pane.
  7. Repeat to create more sections and add further criteria as required.
  8. You can rename sections using the Rename Section button, and move sections and criteria up and down the list using the Move up andMove Down buttons at the bottom of the Selected Criteria pane. To remove an item, select it in the pane and then select Remove.
  9. Select OK to close the window and see the new search criteria appear within their sections in the explorer.