Creating Message Templates

You can create and configure message templates using Designer.

Before you start

To create and configure message templates, you must have Designer selected in your General Access Security Role.

To maintain an audit trail of changes made to screens, forms and message templates, Designer must be selected in the Auditing window.

  1. Select . The Screen Details window is displayed.
  2. Complete the details:
  3. Create Select Message Template from the dropdown list
    Name Specify a name for the new message template
    Screen Set Select a screen set to which the new message template must be associated. You can select from all screen sets for the selected entity, since there can be multiple message templates per screen set

    If you selected Knowledge from the Screens list in the left hand pane, this list displays the visible Knowledge Base types defined by the system administrator. If you selected CMDB Item, it displays CMDB Item sub-types.

    Copy From Select an existing message template on which to base your new message template. You can select any active message template for the selected entity.

    If you are creating a new message template for the Person entity, this list displays all message templates associated with Person (such as Person User Access Granted, Person User Details).

  4. Select OK to create the new message template. An entry for the new message template is created in the browse table below the message template it is based on, and added to the list of templates in the Message Type Map window. From this window you can map the template to a message type or edit the subject of the mail message template.
  5. If the system detects that there is a deleted screen, form, or message template for the name and screen set you selected, a warning appears. Select Yes to permanently remove the deleted screen from the database and create the new screen. Select No to close the window without creating the new screen and restore a deleted screen.