The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board has two main functions; to record public notices and to act as an internal messaging facility where a message can be sent to specified analysts or groups only.

Depending on your access rights, you can read, create, update and delete bulletins. You can also print bulletins, and forward bulletins to other analysts and Users.

Displaying the Bulletin Board window

  1. Select and then Bulletin Board .
  2. From the submenu, select Bulletin Board to display the Bulletin Board window , displaying the title of the message, its priority and the date and time at which it was posted. They are ordered by priority (highest to lowest) and then by the activation date. The format in which the date appears is same as the format set for your server date. Some messages may be hidden, depending on your security role and group permissions. Messages that have expired or been deleted are not displayed.
  3. From here you can:
    • Print a list of bulletins by selecting .
    • Expand and view individual bulletins by selecting . From here you can view, update and delete bulletins, depending on your security role's permissions.