Alemba API Related Database Tables

The Alemba API is driven by metadata, which is stored in the ASM database in new tables. These include:

_EFMigrationsHistory, AppSetting, Clients, EntityPage, Form, FormDisplayType, FormType, InfraPermission, InfraRole, Label,LabelKey, Language, AlembaSystem, AlembaSystemPage, Page, PageBackLink, Permission, PermissionType, Query, QueryMetadata, QueryParameter, RefreshTokens, Role, RolePermission, ServiceEvent, UserPermission, Widget, WidgetConfig, WidgetConfigLabel, WidgetConfigNavigation, WidgetConfigNavigationCondition, WidgetConfigQuery, WidgetConfigSetting, WidgetContract, WidgetContractParameter, WidgetInstance, WidgetNavigationContractBinding, WidgetQueryContractBinding, WidgetSetting

These tables do not need to be accessed directly to use the API and so are not exposed as entities in the API Explorer.