Using AI Ops

Problem management is a key process of IT service management. It consists in preventing problems and resulting incidents from happening. Ideally, a good problem management strategy should aim to solve problems before incidents occur.

There are two approaches to problem management:

  • Reactive problem management, through the logging of calls and requests
  • Proactive problem management, through
    • trend analysis of call and request data (for example by performing simple searches
    • the integration of event management tools that enable you to identify events (defined as any deviation from normal or expected operation of a piece of infrastructure) before incidents are logged
    • the automated logging of calls and requests based on a set of user-defined criteria. This is supported by the AI Ops functionality, as described below

AI Ops enhances your Problem Management process by allowing you to set up rules to automatically log calls or requests based on events in your call and request activity. In this way, problems may be identified before Incidents occur.

You can schedule “AI Ops rules” which will run and analyze your Call and Request activity. Each rule has a “threshold” that is, a particular number of events within a running period, and a set of conditions which, when met, will automatically trigger a new call/request in ASM.

You can use the IPK Workflow Rules Builder to automate the routing of calls and call notifications through IPK Rules.

an AI Ops rule will consider open calls or requests for analysis, including a call has been created but not yet forwarded to anyone.