Configuring your System

You can configure ASM Core to accommodate your organization’s needs using options within the System group on the System Administration window, either specifying settings for the system as a whole, or setting values for fields that Analysts complete.

Once your system is configured and tested, ASM Core also enables you to port these settings to another ASM System. This helps organizations move from a test environment to a live environment. 

To ensure the correct data can be ported through configuration portability, you should avoid specifying duplicate values in administration (such as call priorities). 

Select the Menu button , then Admin, then select System Administration.

The System Administration window appears.

Assuming you have the appropriate permissions in your security profile, on the Explorer pane from within the System menu, you can use the following options:

Your Organization To enter your organization name and view license details
Partition Settings To configure a partitioned system
System Settings To configure system wide settings
System Partitions To create, view and delete partitions
Security Profiles To manage security profiles which limit access to information
Server Time Zone To set the ASM Core server time zone
Hours Definition To create and manage work and maintenance schedules
Public Holidays Definition To define public holidays in different zones/countries
Reset References To reset the base reference numbers used in the system
System Source Titles To assign new names to the system defined source titles
Browse Limits To set the limits on searches, etc
Messaging To configure settings for messaging within ASM Core
Message Types To assign message templates to message types
Email Settings To configure incoming and outgoing mail servers
Pager Settings To configure the settings for servers dealing with pager messages
Pager Types To assign templates to different pager types
Activity Log To view a log of activities or events that have occurred on the server
Stored Procedures To view a list of programs precompiled by Alemba® that can be used to configure your system, and activate the ones you want
System Titles To configure column titles used in browse tables
Quick Launch To view and create shortcuts to launch URLs
Quick Notes To manage quick notes, used when Analysts log/action calls, requests and tasks
Auditing To enable/disable the requirement for an Analyst to specify a change reason when they make a change to a setting in Administration or a screen, form or message template in ASM Designer.