CMDB Selection Priority

ASM Core uses the CMDB Selection Priority list to determine which agreement to apply to a call, request or task that is logged against several CMDB items (CIs, Services, Service Actions or Service Bundles). This window displays all the CMDB item fields defined in your system, including both standard fields and fields added through the ASM Designer.

Multiple CMDB items of the same base type (for example multiple CIs) can be linked to a call if CMDB fields have been added using Designer. The CMDB selection priority window enables you to order the relative importance of each field when applying an agreement. This window is only relevant if extensible CMDB item fields have been added in the Call Details window.


Agreement A is linked to Server A and Agreement B is linked to Server B through the explorer option IPK selection criteria of the Agreement Details window. Both Server A and Server B are linked to a call through the Configuration Item 1 and Configuration Item 2 fields respectively (the Configuration Item 2 field was added using ASM Designer).

If Configuration Item 1 has a higher priority than the Configuration Item 2 in the CMDB Selection Priority List then Agreement A will be applied to the call.

Setting up CMDB Selection Priority

Before you start

You must have SLM Setup enabled within your General Access Security Role in order to configure any SLM administration settings.

Verify that you have already defined options for Workflow Management and the CMDB, especially priorities, types, service levels, service types and CMDB item types.

  1. Select the Menu button , then Admin, and then select System Administration. The System Administration window is displayed, with a menu of options available . In the Explorer pane, select Service Level Management.

  2. Select CMDB Selection Priority to open the window.
  1. To set up the agreement selection priority for calls, select the Calls radio button. To set up the agreement selection priority for requests, select the Requests radio button.
  2. In the left-hand browse table, select the selection priority you wish to make available as agreement selection criteria.
  3. Select or double-click the priority.
  4. You do not have to include all of these options in your priority list.

  5. To remove an added selection priority, select it in the right-hand browse table. Select or double-click.
  6. You should only remove a field from the list if you are sure you do not want ASM Core to search against that field when looking for an agreement.

  7. Use and to specify the order in which you want the criteria to be evaluated when ASM Core searches for a matching agreement to apply.
  8. Select to save the changes. Provide the Change Reasons if prompted to do so.