Formatting and editing text

When typing into some text fields in ASM Core, you can format your text as either Plain Text or HTML, depending on the default format chosen in system settings.

If you are working in Plain Text, you cannot format your text.

If you upload objects, the object description is in Plain Text, regardless of whether you attach objects to an HTML knowledge entry or Bulletin Board item. While you enter Plain Text into various knowledge entry template fields, such as the question, synopsis, and answer fields, ASM Core displays these according to the settings you applied in ASM Designer.

Using the HTML formatting toolbar

If you are working in HTML format, a formatting toolbar appears above the message text area.

If required, select to expand the HTML Editor size.

The following buttons are available on the formating toolbar, although they may vary depending on the task you are performing. Select (right-side of toollbar) to see all formatting options.

Button(s) Action

Change font and/or font size of selected text. Select to see more options.

Change selected text appearance to Bold, italic and/or underline.

Left, center, right align or fully justify the current paragraph. Select to see all options.

Highlight the selected text. Select to see more colors.

Change the selected text color. Select to see more colors.

Insert or remove numbers or bullets against the selected paragraph.

Decrease or increase the paragraph indent. If numbering or bullets are applied, adjusts multi-level numbering or bullets.

Insert a table. For a small table, use the quick editor to highlight and select the number of columns and rows you want.

For a larger table, select Insert Table, then adjust the number of columns and rows, then select Insert.

You can copy and paste formatted tables between Microsoft Word and the HTML Editor, although you may lose some formatting in the process. See Copying and pasting items to or from the HTML Editor for more information.

Convert the selected text into a hyperlink. See Copying and pasting items to or from the HTML Editor for more information.

Insert an image into the text field. Either drag the file into the Insert Image window, or select Browse to find the image, then select Insert. You define the maximum image size in System Settings.

You can copy and paste an image directly into the HTML Editor. Alternatively, you can select and drag an image directly into the HTML Editor.

You can delete an image by selecting it and then selecting the Delete key on your keyboard.

Remove all formatting on the selected text.

Inserting a hyperlink

You can insert hyperlinks into HTML text areas that point to external websites.

  1. Select the text you wish to set as a hyperlink, then select to open the Insert Link window.
  2. In the Web Address field, type the relevant URL.
  3. If required, adjust the Display Text.
  4. In the Title field, type a tooltip.
  5. By default, the Open Link in New Window check box is selected to open the link in a new browser. Clear the link if you want it to open within the current browser tab.
  6. Select OK to insert the hyperlink.

Copying and pasting items to or from the HTML Editor

If you copy and paste information to or from the HTML Editor:

  • You may lose some information, including scripts, objects, applets, absolute positioning, and input elements.
  • Some formatting may not persist.
  • Microsoft Word diagrams and charts are converted into images in the HTML Editor, and you cannot edit them within the HTML Editor.

Editing images within the HTML Editor

After you have inserted an image into the HTML Editor, select the image to see the shortcut menu with the following options:

Button(s) Action

Replace the image. Either drag an image into the Edit Image window, or select Browse to find the image. Select Update to replace the image.

Change the alignment

Insert a caption

Delete the image

Insert a hyperlink
Display the image inline or on its own
Displays a tooltip when you mouse over the image
Change the image size manually (alternatively, select and drag the image corner handles)